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Find reliable and experienced plumbing services near you for fixing plumbing by DoorMojo professionals. What should I look for when hiring a plumber? With so much riding on the plumber, contractors tend to stick with only the best. As with hiring a plumber for simple repairs, you or your contractor should ask for proof of a license and license number. What services do plumbers offer? Here are some of the most commonly-utilized services offered by full-service plumbing companies. Leak Repair. One of the primary services offered by any plumber is repairing plumbing leaks. ... Drain Cleaning. ... Toilet Repair. ... Garbage Disposal Repair. ... Water Heater Services. ... Sewer Repair. ... Hydro Jetting. What can plumbers fix? Fix a Leaking Water Heater. Fix common leaks from a temperature and pressure relief valve or a water heater drain valve by checking temperature settings and mineral deposits. A simple cap solves the water heater drain valve problem.

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