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Yes, you can help prevent mosquito infestation. Stopping mosquito breeding is everyone’s business!Mosquitoes can breed in very small amounts of water. The best way to prevent mosquitoes breeding around your house and yard is to empty water from all containers, such as buckets, pot plant bases and bird baths, weekly.Keeping your yard clean and free of discarded items like plastic containers, tyres and old appliancesDraining water that accumulates in yards and workplaces.Empty water from pot plant bases, including self watering pot bases weekly and wipe them outRegularly check the integrity of water tank screens and replace damaged screensRemoving debris from storm drainsEnsure water tank first flush devices are regularly maintainedEnsure boats and tarpaulins are stored undercover, as they can hold water.Some species of fish have been found to be very effective in controlling mosquito populations; these fish eat mosquito larvae and also control the algae that provides protection to the larvae. However, choosing the right fish is important. Fish that are native to local waterways help ensure that local ecosystems are not disturbed; these fish are also better suited to local conditions and are readily obtained.We all play an important role in reducing mosquito breeding in and around our homes, business and yards.

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